When it comes to literature, sci-fi and fantasy are my main interests. Up to now, I’ve written four books:

“Dezoito de Escorpião” (“Eighteen Scorpii” – Ed. Draco), which won the Argos Prize in 2015. If you understand Portuguese, you can read more about my first book on Correio Braziliense Online ;

“O Esplendor” (“The Splendour” – Ed. Draco), my second book, was nominated to the Argos Prize in 2017. There’s an interesting interview about my second book on A Tarde Online (in Portuguese). Besides, you can check out May Sigwalt’s opinion on “O Esplendor” in her channel (also in Portuguese), “All About That Book” ;

“Extemporâneo” (“Extemporaneous” – Ed. Presságio), my third book, was selected by the governmental programme of support to the culture in 2016 (ProAC – São Paulo);

Finally, my fourth book was also published in 2016, and it’s available online only: “Glamour” (“Glamour” – Amazon Books);

In 2017, I started a new adventure as a comic book writer. You can check out my first script, “YHVH” on the collection “Demônios da Goetia” (“Demons of Goetia” – Ed. Draco).

Up to now, my works are available only in Portuguese. Their English versions are coming… sooner or later.

Argos Prize 2015 – Jedicon – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.